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About Us

Where it all began

We were decorating the house for Christmas, lights and baubles everywhere. Reuben was 17months old so as you can imagine everything I was putting on the tree was swiftly being rearranged by him! We had the ladder out to put the higher decorations up, turned around to see Reuben trying to climb onto the second rung. So I searched online for indoor climbing frames and after finding that there wasn’t much out there and what was available didn’t give me that WOW factor so I decided to put my manufacturing engineering qualification to use and make something for Reuben that fitted in with his existing open ended play toys.

We went about making our first frame, with Reuben around it was a slow process and he spent some afternoons on my back in his carrier singing and eating treats! But we got there and his frame was finished. He loved it, climbing on it, using it as a tunnel and sitting on the rungs. I shared photos on an attachment parenting page on Facebook and lots of parents loved it and were interested in having their own for their children and so Sawdust and Rainbows was born

We are in the UK, in Northern Ireland, our products are made in Northern Ireland.

All my products are CE tested, it’s super important for my customers and myself to know that everything we sell is safe for children to use! My colours are mixed by myself and each colour I offer is EN71-3 tested. My products are designed to grow with your child, weather it be using the Hump as a Baby gym by hanging safe toys from the rungs to having the Wee’UN,Hump and Ramp set up using the ramp to walk between the frames.

Sawdust and Rainbows only use FSC woods in our products, non toxic varnishes and colourings! At Sawdust and Rainbows it’s important to be aware of the environmental impact of our products and this includes its trip to your home so I am constantly looking at ways to improve the packaging.

We are looking at expanding our range over the coming months and are working on different prototypes at present. If there’s any accessories you’d like to see with our products just send us a little message and we will see what we can create.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us!